Dear Brethren,

What a blessing and joy to be remembered last Sunday at the concluding part of the morning service in the occasion of a surprise Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. It was truly an encouragement and cherished treasure to receive and read the various love notes, and even some mementos, and significant tokens. Again, thank you my dear brethren for such heartfelt expression of love and support for your Pastor, his wife and family.

Praise God for the privilege and opportunity to take part in various World Missions Conferences, and Church/Mission anniversary celebrations that likewise remind members of the reason for the Church continuing existence, and accordingly respond with commitment and dedication in doing one’s part in the carrying out of God’s mandate. We thank God that many more Churches and even Mission works are getting more and more involved and engaged in the World Missions pursuit and the faithful and diligent fulfillment of the Great Commission. We continue to seize and steward the opportunity and privilege as a local Church, Christ’s representative body here in Bethany, to help and be a blessing in bringing God’s message and challenge, and therein be blessed and encouraged likewise.

My dear brethren, we need to have a growing faith in who God is, and what He can do through His people. Growth is necessary for every Christian. No matter what stage of Christianity you are in, there is always room for spiritual growth. Growing in faith is one of the most significant areas in our Christian life and witness wherein we recognize God’s power and grace in us, and continually manifesting a focused heart and an abiding trust in Him alone. What a joy and blessing to be models or examples of faith, by God’s enabling grace, for other Churches to be encouraged and inspired to the glory of God!

In the pursuit of World Missions, we truly need to have that faith to believe that God is able to use each one of us with tender and humble hearts surrendered to do His will in reaching the lost world. We need to have that growing faith to believe that God is able to make all grace abound toward us, and that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. As we press on to eventually soon Commission 3 more Missionaries to the foreign fields, and partner with several more Missionaries to be accepted to use the Asia Baptist Clearinghouse facilities, may we continue even to have that faith to trust God in enabling us to At Least Equal our Faith Promise Missions Giving with that of our Tithe. Let us consistently step out in faith from the shallow waters, and see the works and wonders of God in the deep!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable