Dear Brethren,

We praise and thank God for the victories and blessings of the 1st World Missions Conference held last Monday and Tuesday at J., I,. This was through the initiative and leadership of Missionary T.C., and was favorably and heartily supported by respected Indonesian spiritual leaders as Pastor M.T., Pastor M., Pastor H., Pastor T., and Pastor A.N., among others. We trust and pray that the gains of the conference with the theme: “Use Me”, would indeed spark a continuing World Missions revival in the hearts of Indonesian brethren and partnering leaders, even towards sending out their first Missionary to the foreign field from any of the collaborating Churches.

Glory to God as well for the victories and blessings of the 2nd Mission anniversary celebration yesterday afternoon of our Bethany Mission work in K., N. led by our Missionary H.S., and the opportunity likewise to share God’s Word at Bethel Baptist Church yesterday morning on the invitation of a partnering N. Pastor J.T.. It was likewise an opportunity and blessing to bring God’s message last Thursday evening at the Joint Thanksgiving service and fellowship of Missionaries, co-laborers,and members of Faith Baptist Church Mission with some brethren from Bethany as arranged by Missionary R.A. We thank God for the continuing manifestation of His greatness, power, provision, and protection upon our Missionaries and Mission works even in the midst of the apparent uncertainties in the field with the varying government restrictions.

It was my scheduled trip last night from K. to K.L., and onwards domestic flight this early morning to P., M. to speak in this Sunday services, both morning and afternoon in the Mission works meanwhile entrusted to our Missionary Y.L. by our partnering Missionary T.Y.H. from Shalom Baptist Church in S. It will then be tomorrow noon when Missionary Y.L. and I travel to B., I. for even a brief visit to our Bethany Mission work under the care of our Missionary couple T. and C.C.

The marathon teaching at our Singapore Satellite Bible School starts on Tuesday afternoon with many of our students even taking leave of absence from their respective work places. I am scheduled then to preach in the Wednesday Midweek service at Asian Grace Bible Baptist Church on the invitation of Pastor N.C.. After dealing with all other ministry engagements in S., my scheduled flight back to Manila is in the evening of Thursday. It will then be on Friday, November 30, when I attend the first part of our ABBBCA-Bible College Sportsfest, and thereafter proceed to Candelaria, Quezon to bring the concluding challenge after lunch in the World Missions Conference of Glory Land Baptist Church on the invitation request of Pastor Jonathan Cantos.

Thank you my dear brethren for your most valued fervent prayers and full support. Let us always be grateful for what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do as we faithfully and diligently seize and steward the vast opportunities He sends our way, and consistently redeeming or investing wisely the time we receive from, and are bless with by the Lord.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable