Dear Brethren, 

Praise and thanks be to God for the blessings and results of the recently concluded Missions trip in M. and N. I.. While the trip was rather strenuous and tiring, it was nonetheless a great encouragement especially to see our sent-out and supported Missionaries faithfully fulfilling their call of God in their respective Mission fields with a continuing greater vision in reaching-out much more and even beyond the borders. What a blessing to preach, share God’s Word, encourage, and challenge the brethren on some 6 occasions in 4 Churches in M.. It was at the same time a blessed occasion to meet and fellowship with all our 3 sent-out Missionaries (T.L., C.M., M.C.), as well as 5 of our other supported Missionaries along with their respective families in Y.. What an opportunity also to meet with our Philippine Vice Consul Jan Michael Gomez in behalf of, and in lieu of the earlier scheduled meeting with Ambassador K. who need to make an emergency trip to S. for health reasons. As we have done in other countries where we have Filipino Missionaries, we expressed our desire to accordingly minister to the OFW in the country, which was gratefully acknowledged and welcomed by our Embassy.

What a privilege as well to officiate last Thursday morning the unusually big village, big tent, “Big One” wedding of our Missionary T.P. with V “N.” S. at P., M. in N.I., and at the same time share and sow the Gospel seed to more than 1,200 guests in attendance. Thank God for the encouraging positive response in receiving Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord from the big gathering. T’s uncle, Rev. M.S. again greatly helped as interpreter in presenting the Gospel message and throughout the wedding proceedings. Missionary V.E.K. was the best man, while Missionary D.A. shared words of encouragement for the newlywed.

It was also a great blessing to administer the Scriptural baptism last Friday morning for a N. preacher, Bro. B.A., who has a work for some 2 years now in B., I. with a N. congregation. It was last Thursday evening when he expressed his decision and sincere heart’s desire to submit to the Biblical authority after being further counselled by Missionary A.. He has that desire to receive more training and initially learned our Bible College through a friend in K.. He thereafter emailed us and was accordingly advised to get in touch with our Missionary H.S. in N. as well as Missionaries A. and V.E.K. in I. to somehow validate and consequently endorse his request. He did communicate and coordinate especially with Missionary H., and signified his sincere intention by even attending our Bethany Mission anniversary in K. last November 11, and meet me there. He was then advised to stay awhile in K., assists Missionary H. as he gets to know more of Bethany’s Mission focus, and meet me again with our 3 Missionaries in I. at Missionary T’s wedding before going back to B.. He adjusted his flight schedules and was with us in the wedding. We pray for God’s guiding hand, and needed training upon this co-labourer, Bro. B..

My dear brethren we humbly thank God for leading and directing us to the numerous open doors in the vast Mission field. The Missionary Commissioning to the filed of M. of the L. family along with this 4 o’clock afternoon service is indeed another significant moment in our World Missions thrust. We need then to keep on training our generation and the next for the great harvest.

All by God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable