Dear Brethren,

It was on Thursday afternoon, November 30, when I left again for another Missions trip this time, first in M. and thereafter in N.I.. While apparently it is one seemingly tiring Missions trip after another at this time of the year, it becomes inevitable considering the various concerns in the harvest fields especially where we have our Missionaries sent-out directly from Bethany.

The trip involves, among others, the celebration of the 6th Church anniversary of our Bethany daughter Church in the outskirt of Y. led by Missionary Pastor T.L., speaking engagements and meetings/fellowship at the Mission works of our 2 other directly sent-out Missionaries M.C. and C.V.L.M., and the officiating of the wedding of Missionary T.P. with the Evangelistic Service in M.,I..

We praise and thank God for the continuing favour and encouraging developments in our World Missions thrust. What a blessing and joy to witness last Sunday afternoon service the Commissioning/Sending-out of our Missionary NC family to I.. It will then be on December 10 when we have another sending-out/Commissioning this time of our on-deck Missionary J.L. family to M.. What a privilege to recognize God’s call upon these co-labourers with their willingness to Go, and with Bethany’s willingness to Send in God’s enabling grace They are our 25th and 26th Missionary families to seek and subsequently avail use of Asia Baptist Clearinghouse servicing facility.

It is really necessary that we simultaneously and consistently yield to and obey the Lord in strengthening our World Missions Base-His Church, with the building-up of our individual family units. It is true as has been said that “As goes the family, so goes the Church; and as goes the Church, so goes the nation No nation is stronger than the moral fiber of the home and the Church.” Just like the family of Abraham, God really desires to bless our families so we can be a blessing to other families.

My dear brethren, may we sincerely and wholeheartedly reignite our passion for reaching the world with the Gospel through our Church and individual families that are fully committed, dedicated, and devoted in honouring God and His Word!

All by God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!

Pastor Gerry Nable