Dear Brethren,

Praise God for the blessed outcome of the trip in H. and B., I. last Monday afternoon to Friday morning. Thank God for the ministry connections with Pastor N.C. of Bethel Baptist Church in Bangalore, along with the long-time American Missionary Don Weeks. What an encouraging and productive meeting and fellowship in the furtherance of the Gospel in I.. We were graciously accommodated at the Missions apartment of World Cassette Organization of India (WCOI) through the kindness of Pastor S. and his son J., the director of WCOI.

While the primary purpose of the trip in B. was to meet with and assess the family and ministry situation of Bro. B.A, is wife R., and their 7-year old son Y., in line with their desire to further their training here in the Philippines especially through our Bethany educational ministries, it was at the same time a blessed opportunity to speak and minister in Immanuel N. Church in the outskirt of B. last Wednesday evening. Thank God for the sweet spirit and the receptive hearts of the N. brethren members long with their Church leaders and Senior Pastor J. on the Biblical philosophy of the ministry. We continue to pray that like our Mission work of the same back ground in Bethany Camarin, Caloocan, they too will eventually, by God’s grace, guidance, and divine prompting align themselves to the rightful Biblical root and authority.

Thank God as well for the privilege and opportunity to speak in the adjusted Midweek service-Prayer Meeting of Bible Baptist Church Mission in S. on the invitation of Missionary M.M., and at our daughter Bethany Bible Baptist Church in H. led by Missionary Pastor V.E.K.. It was truly a blessing to minister to them and enjoy fellowship with the brethren of said works, along with Missionary D.A. and family.

The trip to Tagum City, Davao tomorrow, April 23 is indeed another blessed opportunity to share and expand God’s influence in that southern part of our country. While there are varied challenges we need to face, we continue to seize and diligently steward the great doors of opportunities God sends our way in the furtherance of the Great Commission.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable