Dear Brethren,

My wife and I humbly thank God for, and appreciate much your many expressions of love and support in the celebration of our 36th Wedding Anniversary and my 62nd Birthday last Sunday. Thank you my dear brethren for the heart-warming greetings, love notes, encouraging text messages, varied gifts, and other tangible manifestations of your compassion and care. Indeed, we cannot but wholeheartedly and deeply thank much our God for the ministry we have received with His people that faithfully and diligently help us in fulfilling it. It was once again lavishing us with your positive expressions of love and care.

We praise and thank God for the blessings and victories of the recently concluded Youth Quest 2018 with 612 delegates representing 59 Churches and Mission works. We thank God even for some of the Pastors who came and attended with their youth delegation. The theme this year, “CONTINUE”, with the 8 preachers bringing God’s message and challenge, was greatly used by God in inspiring and challenging the hearts and causing the attendees to make life-changing decisions. Such decisions are summarized and consolidated and will be accordingly shared for prayer and needed follow through with their respective Churches and Pastors. What a great eternal investment in the life of our youth and future spiritual leaders!

We praise God likewise for the Commissioning/Sending-out last Sunday, May 20, along with our afternoon service, of Bro. Rhory Mearns, our new Missionary to Davao, particularly in Tagum City. What a blessing to once again hear the transforming work and miracles of God in the life testimony of Missionary Mearns. He is scheduled to get back to the Mission field this afternoon and administer soon the baptism of at least 12 on-deck charter members of our Bethany Mission work in Tagum. We CONTINUE to faithfully and diligently steward, and follow through our Mission works here and abroad.

We thank God as well for the privilege of taking part in the blessings of the 2nd World Missions Conference in Labo, Camarines Norte last Thursday, and the 6th World Missions Conference in Bethany Paracale, also in Camarines Norte-Bicol region. The theme in Labo is “I can through Christ”, while the joint theme with the 13th Church anniversary in Paracale is “Partnership in World Missions”. Our Pastor was requested to speak on the subject of Setting the Example in the morning challenge, and the Vital Need for Action in the afternoon service.
Thank God for the positive response and tangible commitments of attending Pastors, Missionaries, and co-labourers/members from the host Church and other Churches in attendance. My dear brethren, let us CONTINUE on in our Biblical mandate with a focused heart, and an abiding trust in God!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable