Dear Brethren,

Praise God for another significant development in our Missions thrust with the formal recognition last Sunday of God’s call, and thereupon the consequent Commissioning/ Sending-out for our 31st full-time Missionary to the foreign field. We thank God for the responsive and yielded heart of Bro. J.L. along with his wife Y. and children who will be going back to their country, particularly in B., I. to reach-out their own people with the Gospel of Christ. They will be our 3rd Missionary family unit sent-out from Bethany to the field of I.. We continue to trust the Lord for His direction, provision, and sustaining grace as we pursue World Evangelization with the faithful carrying-out of Christ’s Great Commission. What a blessed privilege indeed to be “On Mission with God!”

The Missions and Ministries’ trip last week to Leyte, Samar, and even this time here in Palawan with Bro. John Baluyot, while very tiring is indeed blessed and rewarding. What a joy and encouragement to see the spiritual progress of our Mission works and daughter/partnering Churches. These works that came out from our Bethany Makati are currently handled by young Spiritual Leaders like Pastors Christian Romano, Limark Maceda, and Noel Calvadores, who we were privileged to train, and accordingly commissioned/sent-out. These faithful men who are at their mid or late 20’s, and still praying for their life’s partner, continued to diligently and gladly oversee the respective works God entrusted to them.

The 5th World Missions Conference at our daughter Church in Bethany Hernani, Eastern Samar last Friday, and the 1st World Missions Conference even in our Bethany Mission work yesterday afternoon here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in conjunction with the celebration of their 1st Mission anniversary today, are truly great reminders and challenge, emphasizing the reason why a Mission work and eventually a Church exists, and that is to be a responsive and responsible vehicle in reaching the lost world with the Gospel of Christ.

My dear brethren, by God’s leadership, guiding hand, and enabling grace, we need to continue in diligently and faithfully stewarding our Mission works along with assisting and encouraging our daughter and partnering Churches here and abroad. It is but fitting and necessary to reiterate that we are to keep on levelling-up our Faith Promise Missions Giving, at least making it equal with our tithe.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable