Dear Brethren,

We thank God for His guidance and leadership in the trip and ministry engagements here in Papua New Guinea since last Wednesday. Praise God for the good results of the 5th World Missions Conference concluded last Friday evening, and graciously hosted by Calvary Baptist Church Lae led by Pastor Philip Sorulen. What a blessing to be accompanied by, and in tandem with Pastor Gilbert Toquero of La Loma Baptist Church in bringing God’s message and challenge in the pursuit of World Missions here in PNG. Thank God as well for enabling our Missionaries J.L. (to M.), and J.S. (to I.) to come along, and even for the next few weeks help encourage, through their brief deputation, Churches here in PNG to partnership in reaching their respective Mission fields. It is truly a joy and great encouragement to see Pastors and Churches getting more open and responsive in accommodating Missionaries in both local and foreign fields.

We celebrate today the 4th anniversary of our Bethany Mission work here in Tensiti, outskirt of Lae. It is highlighted by their 4th World Missions Conference and Jewish Missions Emphasis. We thank God for the continuing growth of this Mission work led by our Missionary Elajah Rapada. Praise God for the growing number of souls reached out, saved, and added to the Church Mission. It is also a blessing to see our other Missionaries B.K. (to I.) and Stella Phoebe Giarua (to PNG) participating as well in these series of World Missions Conferences here in PNG. We fly tomorrow to the highland city of Mt. Hagen for the2-day World Missions Conference hosted by Mt. Hagen Temple Baptist Church led by Pastor Camilus Cumbi. We thereafter fly back to Port Moresby on Wednesday for our final engagement in also a 2-day World Missions Conference hosted by Morata Baptist Church led by Pastor Holmes Tako.

My dear brethren, following the World Missions Conference theme we have here in Lae, “Occupy till I come” lifted from Luke 19:13, may we seriously “occupy” or “do business” with the “pound” or fittingly, the Gospel message or salvation we each received from our Lord. May we faithfully and diligently steward this “Grace and Truth”, and wisely use the resources that our Lord gave us, and really use them to the utmost-fullest.

We are then scheduled to leave back for Manila from Port Moresby on Friday morning. Thank you again my dear brethren for your continuing prayers and cooperation in these various World Missions engagements. What a privilege and blessing it is to be “On Mission” with God in reaching and influencing the world for the cause of Christ and the Gospel!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable