Dear Brethren,

Thank God for the good results of the 2-day quick trip last Thursday and Friday to C. and V.. It was rather maximized engagements , primarily confer ring with concerned Missionaries and national Pastors on vital and crucial ministry matters. We pray and trust God’s intervention on their respective favourable developments and final resolutions.

What a blessing as well to bring God’s message and encouragement in the Thursday evening adjusted Midweek service at our Bethany B., P. P., and in the Friday evening Prayer Meeting at our Bethany S. Mission work respectively led by our Missionaries R.R. and J.E.. It was likewise a blessing to see God’s hand in the relatively smooth exit through our Philippine Immigration of the 4 ladies/educational ministry staff who came along to H.C.M. and are set to help in the church-school ministries therein.

My dear brethren, we need to always recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate God’s sustaining grace in every step of the way. As we faithfully and diligently fulfill Christ’s Great Commission by God’s enabling grace, we must realize that the Devil is always active in hindering us. We need however at the same time to be aware that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Our great God who commands us to Go with the Gospel is ever present with us, and is even ahead of us! We are indeed coming from victory as our victory is secured in the Lord, our great Commander-in-Chief.

We therefore CONTINUE to press on, consistently getting engaged in the real dynamics of Missions. It is truly essential to properly and wisely steward our expanding Missions thrust and engagements There is the necessary aspect of visitation, confirmation, encouragement, with the promotion and enhancement for greater partnership in the fulfillment of God’s Great Commission.

Thank you my dear brethren for your prayers, understanding, sup port, and cooperation in our vigorous Missions Ministries engagements. Knowing such, provides relief from physical, and mental tiredness, and bestows renewed strength especially upon your Pastor. What a needed replenishing grace of God that, as we have learned in Sunday School, surely replenishes one’s strength, spirit, and supply!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable