Dear Brethren,

We praise and thank God for the unprecedented enrollment turnout in all our Church educational ministries this School Year 2018-2019. Our Academy has a total enrolled of 178, Bible College has 182, and LDWBC Christian College has 113. Such was the biggest since its respective ministry inceptions in 1980, 1964, and 1999. What a sacred and serious mandate and trust to steward faithfully and diligently the training, and equipping for effective service of co-labourers and spiritual leaders in God’s vast harvest fields, with the clear mentoring and modelling of God’s Word. We thank God for such awesome favour, and continue on in His replenishing and renewing grace in every step of the way.

We congratulate and rejoice with our Missionary Evangelist C.V.L.B.M. on his tying the sacred nuptial knot with Sister H.M.yesterday afternoon at the Biblical School of Theology Chapel Hall in Y.. It was indeed another welcomed and blessed milestone event in our Missions movement as God provided the help meet for His man that will further enliven and strengthen the pursuit of World Evangelization.

It is on Wednesday after our Midweek service when I am scheduled to leave for H.C.M. for that 2-day quick trip in C. and V.. It involves, among others, the various meetings/engagements with our Missionaries on the need for tact and responsiveness to address the proper handling of ministry resources, and also on a more viable way to reinforce the educational ministries’ thrusts in reaching out the nationals, starting effectively with, and eventually through the children and young people. The scheduled return is early morning this Saturday, and thereupon take part in our annual VIC Convergence.

My relatively tight schedule is further intensified by a series of speaking engagements next Sunday, July 22, and with the 4:00 PM service thereafter, catch-up the 8:45PM flight to P.M. for that Missions visit with Missionary B.K. to his field in J., I. via P.V.. It afterwards involves the speaking commitments in P.N.G.. Such include the World Missions Conference in Calvary Baptist Church-L.; 3rd anniversary and World Missions Conference of our Bethany Baptist Church Mission in T.; and culminating with the World Missions Conference in M. Baptist Church at P.M.. The scheduled return flight is in the evening of August 01, Wednesday.

My dear brethren, may I covet your much needed prayers for God’s renewed and sustained strength and wisdom upon your Pastor as we together CONTINUE to seize and steward the vast opportunities and privileges with the consequent and varied ministry engagements in furtherance of the Gospel.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable