October 29, 2017 – NOTE FROM THE PASTOR

Dear Brethren,

Praise God for the continuing opportunities and blessed privileges to bring His message and challenge in encouraging and motivating many more of our co-laborers and partners in the persistent and vigorous pursuit of World Missions. Glory be to God for the exciting and fruitful outcome of the 3rd World Missions Conference last Thursday at Maranatha International Baptist Church in Kawit, Cavite, and the 1st World Missions Conference at our Bethany Mission work here in H.C.M., V.. What a joy to sense the responsive hearts of Pastors, Missionaries, and other brethren get on-board and get engaged in this greatest business in all the world – the King’s business of reaching the lost world with the Gospel, and wholeheartedly trusting and obeying that “God is Able” to provide the resources in doing so.

We congratulate and rejoice with the successful celebration yesterday morning of the 8th Mission anniversary in our Bethany-HCM. Please do pray also as we jointly celebrate then this morning the 19th and 9th anniversary, respectively of Bethany B. and C.C. Mission works here in P.P., C.. It will then be the 11th anniversary this late afternoon of our Bethany Mission work in B. province. We praise and thank God for His goodness, faithfulness, and guiding hand through the years in these various Mission works respectively handled by our Missionaries R.R., and N.R., along with their families.

What a blessing to know that our Bethany Manna Ministry moves on in its 5th month this November at Epifanio de Los Santos Elementary School (EDSES), and in its 4th month at Juan Sumulong Elementary School (JSES) both in Pasay City. We are indeed always amazed at how the Lord sustains His provision even through our various Manna special offerings. We thank God and appreciate much the servant yielded hearts of our increasing Manna volunteers handling varied work responsibilities led by our Manna Director Bro. Fiscal Amando Fabio along with his all-out supportive wife Sis. Malou Fabio.

My dear brethren, as we press on “By Faith”in our diverse outreach ministries, let us always bear in mind and take to heart to keep the main thing the main thing! We are to rejoice in knowing that there are some 25 new Missionary families from different partnering Churches to different foreign Mission fields that will be interviewed this February 12, 2018 to avail use of the ABC servicing facility. This includes our two on-deck Missionaries Nor C and J.L..

We continue then to enhance our response in keeping our Faith Promise Missions Giving to AT LEAST equal that of our Tithing. We thank God for the continuing climb in our average weekly Faith Promise Missions Giving (FPMG) for the past 34 weeks since we renew our FPMG commitment last 1st Sunday of March this year. While it is just a little over half of our average weekly tithe, the direction is moving upward.
My dear brethren, let us faithfully, diligently, and heartily Keep on, recognizing that our God who calls is the same God who is able to provide even in abundance!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable