Dear Brethren,

Praise and thanks be to God for the victory and blessings of the 1st World Missions Conference last October 13-14, Saturday and Sunday evenings at our Bethany Mission in M., O.. What an encouragement to know, among others, of our Mission work committing to start supporting Missionaries through the Asia Baptist Clearinghouse. The sweet spirit of the 2nd Mission anniversary celebration was evidently carried on in the highlighted conference. We commend and thank God for the servant leadership of Tent-maker Missionary T.D. and the selfless and wholehearted support of his wife, Sis. E. with the rest of the membership.

It was last Monday early morning when I flew to Y., A. from M., O. via D., U.. What an encouragement to be accompanied by Bro. A.S.B. and Bro. J.B. from our Bethany Mission work in U., and be likewise eventually joined in by Pastor R.R. from OBBC M., along with Bro. E. and Sis. R.S.. What a great privilege and opportunity to minister the word in the special service at Nshavan Evangelical Baptist Church led by Pastor A.G. Such special service last Tuesday evening, well-arranged and coordinated by our Missionary E.P., was attended by some 14 A. Pastors and Missionaries, and brethren from NEBC and other Churches represented. The primary focus is on the furtherance of the Great Commission, and the pursuit of World Missions. Thank God for the opportunity as well to minister in the Monday evening Bible study with some OFWs and I. nationals.

It was last Thursday late evening when I arrived in D. with the company. Thank God for His enabling grace to even maximize my brief stay by ministering to 3 our Mission works in U. and the Friday evening fellowship with the brethren even from our daughter Church in A.D. . Our Tent-maker Missionary A.A. with the brethren in our BBBCM-U. has indeed greatly help in coordination, accommodation, and logistics. Such engagements in A. and U. are essentially the 2nd leg of the 17-day Missions trip. Our Lord has continued to guide and bless this trip with more opportunities and connections towards enlarging World Missions involvement.

The 3rd and final leg started with the trip yesterday early morning from D. to here in N., M.. Please do pray as we have the Evangelistic/ Anniversary service celebration this morning, and the Lord’s Supper observance this afternoon. Our Lord has continued to do a great work here through our Missionary M.E. and family. It will be on Wednesday when I am scheduled to proceed to D.S, T. and speak in the midweek service of Missionary J.T.. On Thursday afternoon, I am scheduled to meet even for some 7 hours with Missionary J.T. in N.K. for some ministry activities. My trip back to Manila from N. is on October 26, Friday, just past midnight at 12:20 AM via M., and am scheduled to arrive around 10 o’ clock that evening.

My dear brethren, thank you very much for your consistent prayer, understanding, and support in these various Missions ministries engagements. What a blessed opportunity and privilege to visit and encourage Missionaries, see how they do, share the blessings and even the challenges in the field. What a joy as well to celebrate God’s faithfulness and envision the prospects and vast opportunities in the respective fields and beyond. We CONTINUE on with God!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable