Dear Brethren,

It was last Tuesday afternoon when I arrived safely in D., Q.. Thank God for the travelling safety as well as the privilege and opportunity to minister the Word last Tuesday evening in a special service at Berean Baptist Church which was earlier arranged by Pastor J.L.N. It was my first time to visit and minister in D., and what a blessing and encouragement to see, know, experience, and enjoy the sweet spirit of the Church and the exemplary, unprecedented hospitality and generosity of the brethren led by their Pastor. It was truly an awesome demonstration of God’s great rewarding grace with almost each one of some 200 membership and guests present (with a good number of other nationalities as A) .expressing, and sharing their tangible love in addition to the Church as a corporate body of Christ.

What an experience and blessing likewise to share the Word last Wednesday morning in the 2 company’s accommodation where Berean Baptist Church has its extension ministry. A lot of workers from K., G., and I. are obviously receptive to the Word and the Gospel message. Praise God for a good number of professions of faith in Christ. It was then last Wednesday evening when I preached at Q. Bible Baptist Church Mission on another special service led by Pastor N.D.C.. They continue to move on by God’s sustaining grace in their 16th year of ministry engagements despite some tough and trying times. We thank God for the responsive hearts of the brethren to the Word of God.

It was last Thursday afternoon when I flew to M., O. from D.. The 2nd Church Mission anniversary celebration last Friday here in our Bethany Mission M. led by Missionary Pastor R.D. with the faithful and diligent support of his wife Sister E., was another big blessing. The 1st World Missions Conference which was started last night will be culminated tonight. Thank God for the tender hearts and commitment of the brethren to take their part in World Missions, and faithfully steward the great abounding grace of God in their lives and witness.

It will be very early morning tomorrow, Monday, October 15, when I am scheduled to fly for Y., A. via D. to visit our Missionary couple E.and A.P., and meet, among others as scheduled, with A .Pastors and co-laborers in conjunction with the role of Baptist Churches in A. towards forging and strengthening partnership in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The flight to D. is on Thursday evening, with the scheduled speaking engagements in the full day Friday, October 19, at our 3 current Mission works in U.. It will then be on Saturday, October 20, at 5:00AM when I proceed to N., M. to initially visit our Missionary M.E. and family, and help celebrate their 3rd Mission anniversary the Sunday following. It will be the final leg of this 17-day Missions trip that involves also a brief visit and ministry in T., and K.. Thank you my dear brethren for your sustained prayers support, and clear understanding of the need to diligently steward God’s abounding grace with the prevailing vast and diverse Mission opportunities. We CONTINUE together with God!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable