Dear Brethren,

Thank God for the opportunity to visit and fellowship last week with our Missionary BB.K.to J., I., and with our Missionary family E.R. to L., PNG along with the series of World Missions Conferences and Mission anniversary celebration’s speaking engagements. While the overnight trip inside the city of J. did not push through due to Re-entry Visa constraint in the V.J. Border, it was nonetheless quite an experience to see last Monday and Tuesday with Missionary K. his Mission field’s strategic location in said border facing the North Pacific Islands. The province of V., PNG whose center is just 45 minutes to the J. border through a well asphalted paved coastal road, is likewise a strategic prospect for Missions engagement. We thank God for the hospitality and support of brethren from the V. Mission work of Calvary Baptist Church-L..

Please do pray as I bring God’s message and challenge this morning in the 3rd Mission anniversary and 3rd World Missions-Jewish Missions Conference of our Bethany T. Mission work led by our Missionary E.R.. It will thereafter be at Calvary Baptist Church in the evening service as they conclude their 4th World Missions Conference today. Dr. and Mrs. B. in and I, along with Missionary K. travel then tomorrow to P.M. for the 2 nights World Missions Conference in M. Baptist Church hosted by another World Missions friend and partner, Pastor H.T.. My scheduled flight back to Manila is on Wednesday afternoon, August 01.

What a blessing to minister the Word in last Wednesday’s Midweek service at Liberty Baptist Church-L. with Pastor H.B.. It is among the daughter Churches of Calvary Baptist Church in L., which schedule was arranged by Pastor P.S.. What a privileged and blessing as well to bring God’s message and challenge in 5 occasions since last Thursday morning start-up to yesterday evening in the 4th World Missions Conference here at Calvary Baptist Church. Praise God for the sweet spirit of the conference, and the positive response of the various Pastors, Missionaries, and Church members in attendance. We pray and look forward to our great God raising-up PNG Churches with men and women that would “launch out into the deep”, surrendering to His call to reach out souls even beyond the country’s borders.

My dear brethren, as we envision many more Missionaries to send-out and support, let us always be reminded and faithfully heed and respond to our outstanding challenge in having such faith and resolved to at least equal our Faith Promise Missions Giving with that of our Tithe. Let us then CONTINUE to have a focused heart and an abiding trust in God as we seize and steward the various opportunities God sends our way in reaching the lost world.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable