Dear Brethren,

In view of the government’s directives of prohibiting all mass gatherings to arrest the spread or transmission of COVID-19, we shall abide accordingly.

Gatherings will be limited to those staying within the church premises, along with a skeletal force of Church officers and needed ministry staff. Staff who are not feeling well though are advised to stay at home.

• Strict social distancing will be observed and proper hand hygiene strongly encouraged through proper hand washing. Measures to disinfect public areas and entry ways have been implemented.

• The large majority of our members are advised to stay at home, and join the worship services via our Bethany FB live streaming. They are encouraged to gather their family together, pray, and be in sync with the online service.

• The worship in giving has to be done by online banking through our church respective bank account. This is surely vital in the continuance of our worldwide missions and ministries.

While such compliance is a difficult decision on our part, we believe this is ultimately beneficial towards protecting our community and families, and would be a good Christian testimony to those around us. While we find this indeed a challenging moment to continue with our various ministry engagements, we need not be discouraged or fearful knowing that our Lord Jesus Christ is with us. He is our gracious Helper, Who promised to never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5-6).

My dear brethren, let us continue to pray for, and encourage one another in the Lord. We pray that God’s protection and sustaining grace will always be upon us in these challenging moments. We press on in faith and faithfulness, and trust God’s sovereignty in all these. Let us stay connected with God and with each other.

All by God’s Grace and for God’s Glory,
Pastor Gerry Nable


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