August 27, 2017 – Note from the Pastor

Dear Brethren,

We thank God for, and congratulate our Bethany Mission work in Brixton Subdivision, Camarin, Caloocan City, led by Mission Pastor Ferdie Fabro, on the occasion of their 5th Mission anniversary today. This will be highlighted by their 4th World Missions Conference this afternoon. Their theme, “Grow in Grace, Change the World” reminds us of the need to be a model of God’s great grace to the world around us, enabling them to see the difference God did, and is doing in our lives. Such testimony of God’s grace will indeed make a difference in their lives and lead them towards God and His Word.

As we continue to pray and prepare especially for our upcoming 10th Soul Winning Leadership Conference, let us truly manifest God’s grace that needs to be consistently growing in our hearts and lives. Would to God we continue to exemplify graciousness in our spirit, generosity in our stewardship, and the great power we have in our soul winning. Just like the Church in Jerusalem as recorded in Acts 4:32, may we sincerely exude “one heart and one soul” in our ministry, serving the Lord and one another with gladness and gratefulness. What a privilege and blessing it is to be labourers together with God with such unity of spirit and purpose.

Likewise, as one growing in God’s grace, we are to be spontaneous and generous in our giving. Would to God we always have that resolved to be available for God’s use in blessing others with the resources, financial and otherwise, that he graciously entrusts to us. Let us especially step out in faith in responding to the outstanding challenge to AT LEAST EQUAL our Faith Promise Missions Giving with that of our Tithe. This is one of the good avenues to many more blessings from the Lord, as we really cannot “out-give” God!

Furthermore, we press on in the power of the Holy Spirit upon us in reaching the lost world with the Gospel. Just like in Jesus Christ’s prayer in John 17, may we truly have such intense desire and goal “that the world may know” who the Saviour is through our life and witness. We continue to walk a different walk, and be truly different to make a difference.

My dear brethren, it is indeed a great comfort and joy to know and realize “that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Let us then with one heart and mind, continue on “By FAITH” in the power of the Holy Spirit of God in us.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory,
Pastor Gerry Nable