Dear Brethren,

Thank God for your prayers and His continuing direction, protection, and provision in our 18-day USA trip. The 5-day 2nd leg of the trip visiting our Pastor Emeritus Jose Luis Reunilla in Kingston-Rome, Georgia and our Mission partners in Tennessee (Cleveland, Chattanooga, and Hixon) and likewise in Springfield, Missouri was indeed greatly favored and blessed by our gracious and loving Heavenly Father. While so tight and tiresome with long hours of interstate driving graciously extended by my youngest brother Pastor Darius from New Jersey, the Lord has enabled us to nonetheless maximize and enjoy every part of the journey and visit.

What a joy to see and renew fellowship with Pastor JLR, and likewise with Ma’am Jeanette and Sis. Evelyn, whom we have not seen for almost 20 years. It was not only a meal fellowship graciously hosted by our PE-JLR and wife Jeanette, but also a time of reflection, reminiscing the goodness of the Lord in the past grateful for His continuing faithfulness in the present, and envisioning the better and best days ahead. Let us continue to pray for God’s sustaining and renewing grace especially upon our Pastor Emeritus as he apparently hurdles depression and pain mainly due to his Parkinson’s disorder and knee problem. At the same time, we do pray as well for God’s replenishing strength upon mam Jeanette as she patiently, painstakingly, and lovingly takes care of her husband.

The ministry connections and partnership with the visit to the respective ministry service Centres-Headquarters of Rock of Ages Ministries (ROAM), International Board for Jewish Missions (IBJM), Baptist International Missions Inc. (BIMI), and Baptist Bible Fellowship, International (BBFI) are indeed fruitful and encouraging. Our good Lord has indeed orchestrated and made a way for the meeting and fellowship with almost all of these ministries’ spiritual leaders and their representatives, among others. Dr. Robert Keeton, Dr. Larry Stikeleather (ROA), Dr. Ed Frampton (IBJM), Dr. David Snyder (BIMI), and Dr. Jon Konnerup (BBFI). What a blessing as well to see and fellowship with Pastor Lloyd Baker, and likewise Pastor Delbert and Lora Lee Hooge at the BBFI office.

The 3rd and final leg of our trip started yesterday, October 7, with our morning flight from Kansas City to Los Angeles, California, We thank God for the graciousness of my elder brother Daniel with his wife Melanie, along with Bro. Mike and Sis. Zeny Afable for taking care of our accommodation and mobility around. We enjoyed as well the treat to the Missions dinner fellowship late afternoon yesterday hosted by Lighthouse Baptist Church in La Verne. Thank God as well for the privilege to preach in this morning worship service at Bethel Baptist Church, Carson City on the invitation of Pastor Rudy Abrot, and in Lighthouse Baptist Church’s culmination of their Missions Conference this afternoon service on the invitation of Pastor Brian Dunlop.

It will then be at Lighthouse Baptist Church in West Covina on Wednesday, October 11 Midweek service on the invitation of Pastor Gil de Rosas. The previously arranged reunion-dinner fellowship of former Bethany members follows thereafter. It will then conclude the final leg of our trip with the flight back to Manila on Thursday noon, October 12, and scheduled arrival past midnight Saturday morning, October 14.

My wife and I deeply appreciate your continuing prayers, cooperation, and encouragement on this trip. Let us together vigorously press on, my dear brethren, in God’s reassuring and rewarding grace as we faithfully seize and steward the great opportunities and challenges ahead in the pursuit of World Missions.

All by God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable