Dear Brethren,

We praise and thank God for His continuing direction, guidance, blessings, and favor in our Church Educational Ministries. It was last Thursday afternoon when we successfully held our 11th BBCEMFI Unified Graduation Exercise. It was actually the 52nd Commencement for our Baptist Bible College, the 15th for our LDWBC Christian College, the 14th and 2nd respectively for our Bethany Baptist Academy Elementary and Senior High levels. In this batch 2019, we have 45 graduates in Baptist Bible College, 19 in LDWBC, 13 in BBA-Elementary, and 14 in BBA-Senior High. We have an actual total though of 89 graduates as 2 of them graduated simultaneously in 2 courses.

We continue to uphold, communicate, and impress in the hearts and minds of our students the BBCEMFI Core Values of Reverence, Integrity, Diligence, and Excellence. We consistently emphasize that “the heart of education is really the education of the heart”. We are always reminded of the 7 basic strands that define the heart of education . These include essentially Salvation , Scriptures, Soul Winning, Submission, Separation, Stewardship, and Service. We thank God for our teachable students, dedicated staff, and supportive parents, as well as the indulgence and assistance of our Education partners from our Government functionaries both in the Department of Education, and the Commission on Higher Education.

We thank God that through the years, we have been privileged to equip and train students from Churches and Mission works both here and abroad. They eventually, through God’s calling and enabling grace, became part of such significant work force in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just the same, we keep on prayerfully enlisting, accommodating, mentoring, and guiding our students, nay future Spiritual Leaders, Missionaries, and co-laborers in God’s vast harvest fields.

My dear brethren, let us continue to fervently pray, and wholeheartedly invest, among others, through our continuing love offerings and availability of service, for our Educational Ministries. May we now more than ever, catch the vision of the lost world, of our Sufficient Savior, and of our part in reaching, influencing, and making a difference for Christ in the world around us in this generation and beyond! We press on in vigorously and dependently working on towards fulfilling such heavenly vision.

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable