Dear Brethren,

Praise God for the blessings and victories of the recently concluded 9-day Missions trip with diverse ministry engagements in V. and C.. It was primarily to bring God’s message in the 1st Mission anniversary and 1st World Missions Conference of our Bethany Mission work in N.T. V. with our Missionary couple JF and L. Alongside with it and to maximize stewarding the trip is a visit and/or fellowship with the rest of our 10 Missionary family units, 5 each in said 2 countries. It includes as well getting to know more the Church/Mission brethren members in their respective works, and likewise renewing fellowship with some of our partnering Missionaries in both fields. There was also a needful visit to Bro. P.J. who suffered his 3rd stroke few months ago in R., C. Likewise worked out, was the visit to Missionary R. and K.N. rejoicing with their first heritage of the Lord, baby boy R.I..

We continue to pray and prepare for our upcoming annual LDWBC College Day and the 12th Soul Winning Baptist Leadership Conference. We remind our respective Task Force on Responsibilities to be ready, be proactive, and always on the alert in the carrying-out of corresponding work assignments, exemplifying smooth, harmonious, and effective coordination among each other. We seek as always the support and cooperation of the rest of our brethren. We pray and trust God’s sustained provision to address the various needs especially in the conference.

My dear brethren, let us always manifest Christlikeness even as we allow the Lord to use us once again in hosting and serving in such significant activities. This surely is the key to experience great spiritual victories. In conjunction with this, we consider in this morning’s message the essentials and mechanics of living out the life of Christ without the interference of the flesh. This would include Abiding in a joyful relationship, Obeying from a heart of love, Yielding to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and Enduring by God’s grace. May we always press on with the Spirit of Christ in being a blessing for God to others!

All By God’s Grace and For God’s Glory!
Pastor Gerry Nable